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Imagination Or Psychic?

If you can, think back to when you were little. Can you remember that feeling of bliss? That feeling of wonder, and maybe even the sense of an angel or 'Imaginary Friend'? Can you remember somehow just 'knowing' something was right or wrong? I'm not talking about being told something was right or wrong, I'm talking about a natural feeling of something or someone, being right or wrong/good or bad/correct or incorrect.
When it comes to children, there's an open and intuitive response to life, people, and surroundings. Very often you will see a child laughing out loud to himself. You will see a child engaged in a 'different world'. If we look at animals, they rely on their instinct. Animals have a built-in intuition, and a sense of danger. Humans are born with that exact ability. The difference is, animals rely on this their entire life freely, because it is this instinct, or intuition that means the difference between life or death. Very young babies and children, instinctively do the same. There is little to no thought involved because a child is not developed enough to separate thought from response. An animal never develops any thought, period. Children are born to develop thoughts because as humans we 'think'.
All human thought is taught.
I have to wonder, if we had no verbal communication, and relied simply on feeling, or instinct, or intuition for that matter, how different might our species be? As humans however, we, through training and programming, evolve and develop according to thought. Bombarded from birth, and from so many perspectives, so many thoughts, opinions, players, and complexities, it is no wonder confusion and chaos are such a dominant theme. Well, in the adult world they are dominant, but in the world of children, that is, before the jaded implications of adult humans begin to take control, a child exists on a very different sphere.
If you put 200 twelve month old babies together in the same room, you will see 200 human beings, being human----instinctively. Nothing more, nothing less. Children very often know the difference between 'good, and bad' without being told. Perhaps this is an energy they sense. Or maybe they actually see things that adults do not see. Why will a child cry and move away from certain people, while smile and lean towards others? Why does a child hold conversation with absolutely no one, or nothing, without a care, and seem 'happy' while doing so? The old adage, 'If children and animals LIKE YOU, you're GOOD', is true. Because this is feeling based. This is instinctive/intuitive. Children have no desire to be anything other than children. Adults spend very much time, working against that idea. It's ironic that humans work against being human, at least spiritually. Children are born with their spirit intact. Parents chizzle away at this, destroying this gift of humanness--of spirit.
An example might be, a child tells his mother he saw an angel. She may tell him, "That is just your imagination". Or maybe a mother walks in the childs room only to see him/her having a discussion, or an interaction with nobody at all. Her reaction may be to tell him to stop talking to himself. Hence, implicating, planting the seed, against an unforseen force, and directing it towards a 'straight line nothingness'. This is the general program, or the 'reprogrammed spiritualism' of humans so to speak. Why do people do this? Perhaps fear?? Fear of the unknown, or programmed fear, because it has been suggested (planted/taught) that since there is nothing there, or nothing we can see, then it can't exist. If it does, it must spell 'CRAZY', again, another human thought, and truly fear based.
An animal does not fear what he senses. He reacts. He engages the sense. I might feel safe to say, 'smarter than humans' because he trusts and relies on the feeling, the urge, the instinct/intuition. Nothing in an animal's life works to change the animal from being an animal. An animal is free. Humans are chained to the confines of our intelligence. Or so we like to pretend we are so smart. All knowing and superior. I guess I disagree. I believe it is this 'intelligence' that exposes our true 'ignorance, and inferiority' I believe humans are somewhat cowardly because fear is often the dictator of our existence. If I am wrong, then lets take a look at verbal abuse and the effect it has on humans. Lets go further and categorize negative verbal communication as 'ignorance' because an intelligent human being, would know instinctively, the difference between right and wrong, or feeling good and feeling bad. That is provided he has NOT been TAUGHT that BAD, is the CORRECT. With bad behavior as the base foundation to a person's character, we can feel pretty safe to say, 'His TEACHER (parent/grandparent etc.) was in fact, IGNORANT' because if he was in fact INTELLIGENT, no bad behavior would have ever been taught in the first place.
I attribute bad behavior, and bad teaching to a lack of 'human spiritualism'. Fear based behavior. Perhaps ignorance is evil turned inside out.
Where then, does ignorance spawn from? I believe it may be the direct result of having no relationship with the divine savior, or higher power. Because if there was a strong relationship with the higher source, no ill, 'evil' would present itself, period.
The spirit, the same spirit we witness in a child, (most likely a soulful connection to the spirit) would flourish and spread. Manifesting itself... it would bloom and grow....and it's blossoms would bring bliss. Just as a blossom does naturally, so would being born human, bring with it a natural spirit. A spirit of wonder, adventure, and a willingness to appreciate life's journey.
Through the eyes of a child, one will see nothing but truth and purity. This is why I protect children. This is why I believe when it comes to the life of a child, there is only 'ONE SHOT' before the jaded perspectives of toxic adults, destroys a childs spirit and will.
I often think about something Jesus said: "SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN"......and he was so right. He IS so right!